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Google Ads

What is Google PPC?

PPC is a tool that enables you to bid for keywords and phrases so that your website appears at the top of Google.

Does my business need a Google PPC strategy?

There are many reason why PPC could benefit your business online. For instance, maybe your website is new and your SEO campaign isn’t giving you results yet, or maybe your industry is very competitive making it difficult to rank organically at the top. By running PPC ads, this issue is easily resolved, helping you get more leads, customers and exposure for your business.

Sounds like a piece of cake, right? However, in order to avoid wasted costs and ensure you run a highly optimised PPC campaign, we suggest that you hire a professional marketer to undergo the extensive management of the campaign and get the results you desire.

What you get with your Google PPC Campaign?

We will carry our extensive keyword research and select the best keywords, create compelling copy, adjust bids when relevant and also set optimal bids for your ad campaigns.

Yes, I want a Google PPC strategy!

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